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About Us
                 A NEPS Educational Institution namely were established at Gujarwas under the aegis of New Era Siksha Samiti Gujarwas. The self speaking results of board exams of these institution have proved a trend setter in the area. In addition to this fact, the institution tell the story of success through its students performing brilliantly in various fields like Medical, Engineering. IIT, Institution of CA, ICWA and other degree and professional courses. This success gave a boost of the morale of the management as a result of which the exploration of talents at Kosli region is under consideration New Era Siksha Samiti have to be an ultra modern infrastructure in a lush green Campus in the lap of nature which includes the administrative wing. Air cooled hostel for boys and girls respectively, academics block which comprises will ventilated and spacious class rooms equipped with modern and latest teaching aids, conference hall, computer lab with Internet connectivity, well stocked library, well equipped labs for physics, Chemistry & Biology, music room, art room, gymnasium, playgrounds with maximum sports facilities etc. It is specific here to mention that besides class room teaching, career - oriented studies are being run parallel. This is a step to strengthen students instincts of being successful in a highly competitive environment. We believe that excellence alone is the hallmark of competence and achievement. Above all the pious and honest dedication of our human resources definitely add a golden feather in cap of the trust.


Realizing the need of preparing the children to meet the challenges of different facets of life, a team of dedicated persons thought of starting an educational institution which would aim at all round development of children providing philosophical knowledge with special emphasis on Indian philosophy and blending in its system all the modern creative thoughts of education. Sh. Ajay Kumar - a man of resources and a team of educationists are the main driving force in this regard.

Sh. Ajay Kumar is Director of New Era Siksha Samiti. He is a renowned businessman & social worker of this area. He also initiated the work of Social work.  Without any formal degree, he has made a history in the field of education by establishing a group of reputed institutions under the flag of New Era Public School. at Gujarwas.


At New Era Public School, we believe learning is limitless. It goes beyond the covers of a book to span a student's overall personality growth. Education is talent picturised i.e. it is a thought or a noble idea converted into reality. Education teaches adjustment in the social setup and sacrifice of one's interest for the welfare of the nation and mankind.

True aim of education means to achieve a particular objective with certain positive to put a step forward in the right direction and says - "If hopes may be dupes, fears may be liars." The well balanced efforts of the parents, teachers and well-wishers should prove an example for the students. It tells us that real beauty of life is a balanced mixture of the beauty of heart and mind; the beauty of soul and body.

The parents benign co-operation is bearing fruits already. Yet at this auspicious opportunity, I make a humble appeal to all the well - wishers of the  students to extend their maximum co-operation in the holy act of educating the tulip - like children. It will definitely bring better results in the service of the nation and mankind.

Aims And Philosophy

Our institutions stress to inculcate in young minds a sense of self-respect, pride, love and dedication for the nation. New Era Public School aims at the complete development of children's capabilities of head, heart and hand in order to ensure growth of integrated personality and national character with sense of duty and service to the society. Our hope as well as prayer is that New Era Public School becomes a beacon of light to enlighten thousands of students who come in contact with it by removing the darkness of ignorance and narrow mindedness. To quote Swami Vivekanand : "We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own legs".

Objectives at Primary level

  1. "Learning by doing" using Montessori apparatus.

  2. Developing a sense of touch.

  3. The children's perception is heightened by enacting clapping calling out and using 100 of little learning aids.

  4. The child is made to adjust and socialize with children coming from various cultural backgrounds.

  5. Grooming children into world class leaders and global citizens.                                                                                                            More >>>











Object at Secondary level

  1. To integrate and develop student's physical and cognitive skills.

  2. To create an awareness, a feeling of love for Indian natural and Cultural heritage.

  3. To encourage students to participate in creative meaningful activates.

  4. To organize tours particularly to monuments and places of historical and cultural significance.

  5. To set up hobby clubs, book clubs and film clubs in school.



Special Features

Day Boarding
The cognitive and psycho-motor skills of the tiny tots of Kinds Spring Blossom are developed by using arrange of methods (Maria Montessori to CAT) and techniques in a stress free, playful and fun oriented atmosphere without carrying the burden of homework. In the upper classes, the student completes the home work after school hours under the supervision of teachers.

Career Counseling Deptt.
The school has a career - counseling Deptt. which helps students in choosing their career. The Deptt. Provides information regarding Medical, Engineering, MBA, NDA etc. Students can get forms & guidance for entrance tests of different competitive exams. The Counselors devote a lot of time to school - students not only to help them to overcome their personal problems but also to contribute to their personal development.

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Library cum  Reading Room
All the branches under our banner have a rich library where in books ranging from all time classics to contemporary blue ribbon books; ample reference books and support material for board and competitive exams are available for children. In order to keep the students abreast with the happenings round the word the library has, all the national dailies, periodicals and monthly magazines. To inculcate and ensure reading habit every class is assigned a library period.

Play Ground
All the schools have sprawling playgrounds with 200 meter 8 lane track, fields and courts for all outdoor games and a well equipped sports room. Games a compulsory activity, ultimately aims to foster brotherhood and sportsmanship among the children.

Co-Curricular Activities
The school has a well balanced Curriculum tuned to develop the mental and physical faculties of every child thus grooming him into an all round personality. New Era Siksha Samiti Gujarwas encourages cultural activities like public speaking, debates, declamations, poetic recitations, poetry writing, dramatics, editing, adventure and hiking etc. It also promotes desirable creative activates and hobbies like music, dance, drawing, painting, fine arts and study of computers, Campus, cycle trips, treks and educational tours are arranged as a routine so as to inculcate a sense of self discipline, self reliance and habit of team spirit for which the school has introduced a number of houses and clubs.                                                                                               More >>>

House System
The school is divided into different houses namely Raman,  Subhas and  Tagore house. House captains help in organizing their house activities and school activities. A healthy spirit of competition is encouraged among the houses by organizing inter-house competitions for which team trophies and individual prizes are awarded. The main spirit behind house - system is to infuse a sense of responsibility and leadership among the students.

To kindle the innate talents of the children membership to a number of clubs are available for the children. To name of few- Book club, Dramatics Society, Literary Club, Gardening and Yoga club etc. The club members not only get the required condition to channelize their hobby instincts but also spend their leisure time constructively.

Tours and Trips
To remove the  monotony of the class room teaching with the common teaching aids of Black Board, chalk, Duster and Text Book the school has mu5imedia aids besides Tours and Trips are conducted every year to the places of educational and historical significance so that children get first hand information.
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Computer Orientation programme
India is going in far wide spread computerization and practically every field is going to be affected. Keeping this in mind computer education has been included in the school curriculum.

Work Experience Activities
Dramatics. Debates & Declamations, Journalism 7 poetic recitation at school and inter school level are a common feature at our schools.

Prizes and Scholarships
Individual and collective prizes are given to the students to encourage in them a healthy spirit of competition for distinction in academics, games, sports and other activities.  Students getting above 90%(II to V) and 85% (V to XII0 marks will be awarded cash prizes will be continuation in the school except class XII.

School  Transport
The school has a fleet of very well-maintained buses to pick up students from homes to school and back. These are also used for student's tours, camps & excursions.














Admission Rules

  1. The school opens admission in the month of April every year through registration in the month of March.

  2. Registration & Admission forms are available at the school counter on payment of Rs. 300 only.

  3. Registration does not mean guarantee of admission. Admission is granted after entrance test and a personal interview with the child.

  4. If a child is found eligible for admission, the school makes a provisional offer of admission which should be accepted within two days.

  5. The guardian must deposit the admission form, required fee and previous school leaving certificate or certificate regarding date of birth in case of first admission of the child. Admissions confirmed after fulfilling the above conditions.

  6. If the parent/guardian decides not to send his ward to the school after the fee has be deposited, the above deposited fee will not be refunded in any case.

  7. Problematic students who do not improve after two warnings are rusticated and no readmission is accorded in any case.

  8. School is not responsible for any physical loss to the student during playing, excursion, studying or caused due to negligence of the student. Although proper care and measures are taken by the school.                                                                                                                                More >>>











Rules for Hostellers

All instructions regarding hostel rules are given in detail to the boys and they are to abide by the same strictly.

  1. Hostel charges are to be deposited in advance as per schedule given.

  2. Student's school fee will be drawn from the personal account every month/quater. Late fee at the rate of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged if dues are not deposited in time.

  3. All personal expenses incurred on the child regarding books, stationery, dress, medicines, school fee, examination fee etc. along with the pocket expenses will be debited to personal money account. Quarterly statement of this account will be sent to the parents.

  4. Educational tour is compulsory for all hostellers. The expense of which will be debited to the personal account.

  5. Guardians/parents may come to meet their wards only with the permission of the Principal on Sundays & Holidays. Parent's visits are not permitted up to one month after admission.

  6. Hostel charges include lodging & boarding with two nourishing vegetarian meals, breakfast, evening snakes and lemonade, milk at the night or in breakfast.

  7. Parents are supposed to take their child from the school at the time of long vacation. If parents do not come to take their child on the specified date, children are sent to their homes with escort. All expenses including TA & DA of the escort are chargeable from the student's personal account.

  8. Free private / extra tuition facility is provided to hostellers.                                    More >>>

  9. If a child is withdrawn from the hostel or is expelled on account of some default, no deposited money except security and personal balance will be rounded. Refundable amount will only be paid in the last month of the year i.e. March.

  10. Hostellers are allowed to visit the town and the city bazaar only on alternate Saturdays.

  11. Home leave to the hostellers is granted in very rare cases and that too only by the Principal. The guardian must come personally to take the child from the hostel. The child won't be allowed to go home without escort. But during examination period the child may not be permitted to leave hostel in any case.

  12. School will not be responsible for students who go out of the school without permission of the Warden/Principal. This action of the student will be considered as violation of hostel rule and will result in expulsion from the hostel.

  13. No electronic gadgets, mobile phones, cards, magazines or any expensive items are allowed to be kept in the hostel. The school reserves the right to confiscate the item and even destroy it.

  14. Hostel fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case, even if child does not stay in hostel for a single day.  

                                                        More >>> 














Rules for School Bus Commuters

  1. The buses will pick up the students from the (allotted) bus stops and drop them after the school hours at the stops.

  2. The buses will not wait for the late comers. The commuters are expected to be at their stops 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

  3. The children should stay peacefully and away from the main road till the bus arrives.

  4. Students will be held responsible fro any damage caused to the bus due to their negligence.

  5. Students availing bus facility will deposit their bus charges in advance along with other school charges and fee.

  6. Bus charges are to be paid for one calendar year of the session (12 Months) along with school fee.

  7. Students can not withdraw their names from the bus facility in the month of May, February & March.

  8. If a student after discontinuing this facility wants to reenroll it after some time during the same academic year, he will have to make payment for the gap period.

  9. If a student wants to discontinue the bus facility, he will have to deposit one month extra charge.

  10. Parents are requested to refrain from breaking into any argument with any staff on bus route. In case of any grievance regarding bus service or behaviour of any staff should be made to the transport in charge.

















Staff List

  Teaching Staff                                        Non Teaching 

Sr.No Name Father/Husband Name Qualification Designation Experience 
1 Sh. Vijay Pal Sh. Mukhtyar Singh M.A., B.Ed.,PGDT Principal 16
2 Smt. Kanta Devi Sh. Ajay Kumar B.Sc., B.Ed. TGT 10
3 Smt. Suman Devi Sh. Rajkumar B.A., B.Ed. TGT 8
4 Sh. Karan Singh Sh. Mehar Chand M.A., B.Ed. TGT 8
5 Sh. Hari Krishan Sh. Madan Lal M.A., B.Ed. PGT 6
6 Sh. Satbir Singh Sh. Ramjivan M.Com., B.Ed. PGT 6
7 Sh. Nihal Singh Sh. Balwant Singh M.A., B.Ed. PGT 2
8 Smt. Sarda Devi Sh. Vijay Singh M.A., B.Ed. TGT 6
9 Sh. Amir Singh Sh. Sampat Rai B.A., B.Ed. TGT 5
10 Sh. Nafe Singh Sh. Banwari Lal M.A.,B.Ed. TGT 6
11 Sh. Attar Singh Sh.Chandgi Ram M.A., B.Ed PRT 4
12 Sh. Vinod Kumar Sh. Jagdish Chander M.A., NET PGT 2
13 Sh. Ajay Kumar Sh. Dalip Singh M.A., B.Ed PGT 2
14 Sh. Yashveer Sh. Mohinder Singh B.A. Clerk 2
15 Sh. Ramchander Sh. Ramavtar B.A., B.Ed. TGT 1
16 Sh. Bijender Singh Sh. Ramlu B.A., B.Ed. TGT 8
17 Smt. Mamta Yadav Sh. Sanjeev Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil., NET PGT 2
18 Smt. Rekha Bai Sh. Dinesh Kumar B.A., B.Ed. TGT 2
19 Smt. Preety Yadav Sh. Mahi Pal Singh B.A., JBT PRT 1
20 Smt. Seema Yadav Sh. Ajit Singh B.A., B.Ed. PRT 1
21 Smt. Parmila Sh. Parthvi Raj B.A., B. Ed. PRT 1
22 Smt. Mamta Kumari Sh. Aswani Kumar B.A., B.Ed. PRT 1
23 Sh. Chhotu Ram Sh. Singh Ram B.A., B.Ed. PRT 2





Non Teaching Staff                                                          Teaching Staff
































































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